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What happens to my parenting time if the other parent moves?


Maintain Your Parental Rights
Custody and visitation terms are determined based on the information the parties have at the time the parenting plan is created. This does not always address future needs, however. Too often, parents do not prepare for events such as relocation. In these cases, you will need a lawyer to protect your parental rights.

Tennessee family law attorney Lisa Millican Ewing understands the difficulties presented by one parent moving away after the parenting plan has been finalized. She can represent parents who are seeking or contesting parental relocation. Please call our Nashville office at (615) 244-1582 or contact us online to schedule a no obligation initial consultation to discuss child custody and visitation when parents live in different states.

Relocation of More Than 100 Miles

If you wish to move more than 100 miles away and the parenting plan does not address this issue, you will need an attorney to argue your case. As with all decisions pertaining to children, the court will try to decide if moving away with a parent is in the best interests of the children. Moving more than 100 miles away is grounds for modification of the parenting plan and will require the parents to attempt mediation to resolve the dispute. If mediation is not successful, we can take your case to court.

The terms of your current parenting plan will affect modifications and whether the children will be able to move away with you. Ideally, parents will create parenting plans that address these possibilities, but in many cases, they do not. We try to help parents, including those who are members of the military or ex-spouses of military service members, regardless of the terms of the parenting plans.

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