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Nashville Attorney Lisa Ewing


A Himalayan Sherpa. A secret service bodyguard. An expert consultant. We are all about navigating around what you don’t know. Insulating you from injustice and delivering you from those who want to hurt you.

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Child Support Over-payment


Posted by Rick
August 23, 2016

Mrs. Ewing helped me with a case that involved child support over payment. Child support services garnished my wages for no reason 4+ years ago and trying to recoup my over payment. Very complicated case to say the least. Mrs. Ewing resolved my issues. Yes issues had to go to court two different times to recoup my money from the state. She handle my case with professionalism and determination. Just wish I knew of Lisa Ewing…

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Lisa Ewing


Posted by Angie
July 25, 2016

Mrs. Ewing is knowledgeable in her field. She worked very hard for me and gave me the best outcome in an unfortunate situation. She was prompt in returning calls and emails. I will and have recommended her to others.

I Highly recommend Lisa Ewing!


Posted by Rachelle Humphrey
July 21, 2016

My husband and I hired Lisa for a child custody case. We were very happy with her work as well as her paralegal, Cecil. She was very knowledgeable about the TN laws and was upfront with us about if we had a good case or not. Ultimately, we had our previous parenting plan updated with a newer and more improved version. Lisa made sure to get us everything we were asking for. On a side note, she also worked on my prenup and did an excellent job on that. We would highly recommend Lisa and would use her again, if needed. Many thanks to Lisa and Cecil!

Unique Divonce


Posted by Ryan
July 20, 2016

Ms. Ewing provided excellent service and due diligence in an unusual divorce. She guided me in all facets of the process and was able to accomplish getting a successful outcome/judgement.

Great Divorce Lawyer!


Posted by Loren
April 11, 2016

Attorney Lisa Ewing knows divorce law — including post-divorce issues; child-support arrearage issues; Father’s Rights; and Juvenile Court.

Would definitely hire her again if my ex steps out of line.

My “Voice”…


Posted by LaTangelia
March 30, 2016

Mrs. Lisa has had to be my “voice” on two separate occasions post-divorce. There were times during both proceedings that I wanted to lash out at my ex, but Mrs. Lisa has a way of relaying ‘my feelings’ in such a manner that is “stern” & truthful, yet with a level of professionalism that is unparalleled in most attorneys. She’s been “my voice”!!! Hopefully, I will not need an attorney in the future, but should I need one, I will ALWAYS try to seek her help.

Excellent to work with!


Posted by Amanda
March 29, 2016

Lisa did an excellent job helping me with my uncontested divorce in 2015. She was extremely timely in responses, friendly, professional and best of all — CLEAR — on what she needed, timelines and expectations. I was dreading dealing with an attorney during such a big life event, but she made it SO much easier. Would highly recommend to a friend or family member.

You get what you pay for- good counsel is priceless


Posted by Sam
November 10, 2015

Lisa Ewing is an outstanding attorney. Her ability to understand and provide expectations of what the court will or will not rule is priceless> I would recommend Lisa to anyone wanting an experienced, trustworthy, and overall caring attorney. I will use her again shall I ever need legal counsel.

Considerate, Understanding, Knowledgable


Posted by Victoria
March 25, 2015

Lisa is very on point. She was able to provide to me great legal advice and she was very explanative to her suggested tactics and possible outcomes. Her paralegal Callie is also amazing. Lisa was both supportive and aggressive at trial. I have sincerely enjoyed having her as my attorney in my current and future legal needs- need there be any. She has been able to attain outcomes for me that two prior attorneys could not. She is also…

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A Great Divorce Lawyer


Posted by Terry
March 2, 2015

I engaged Lisa Ewing to represent me in my divorce in late summer 2014. From the first meeting and throughout the process she and her team kept me informed about exactly what to expect, to do as well as my required action items with timelines. The process was efficient and gave me a high comfort level that we would get the end game we set out in the beginning as my goal…

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divorce is hard


Posted by Suzanne
February 25, 2015

I was pretty scared just thinking if all the things that needed to happen for my divorce. Lisa was straightforward and very clear about what she would do for me. I needed someone who would put everything out in front of me and let me decide. She didn’t mince words and I am so grateful for that.
You can trust her and she won’t leave you hanging.

Wonderful Attorney


Posted by Ginger
February 24, 2015

I would recommend Ewing Law to anyone needing assistance with family law. She was very knowledgeable, detail oriented, and works in a timely manner. If I had any questions regarding my case they were answered directly and promptly.

Lisa is GREAT!!!!!!!!


Posted by Jason C
February 24, 2015

Lisa was so helpful and willing to do what ever it took. Long story short I will only use her with anything to do in Nashville or Franklin when it come to her fighting for my rights as a father. ***** 5 stars

Highly recommended


Anonymous review posted on
February 22, 2015

I retained Lisa for my uncontested divorce during the summer of 2014. She was very knowledgeable and thorough in drawing up my divorce papers. She thought of things I did not and was able to make recommendations on how to handle shared debt. She was understanding of my situation and walked me through the court process before my court date as well as the morning of my court date. It was also super convenient too in that her…

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Best custody attorney in Davidson County


Posted by Erick
February 18, 2015

After meeting with at least 5 attorneys in one day, I finally made the decision to go with Lisa Ewing. I was trying to get full custody of my daughter, which was going to be very difficult since I lived in another state and I am the male plus she previously lived with her mother. Lisa Ewing gave me the confidence I needed to follow through. Since I was out of state Lisa Ewing tracked every lead down we had & talked to each person personally…

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A great lawyer to have on your side


Posted by Philip Crowe
November 19, 2014

Lisa Ewing was a wonderful lawyer that helped me have a favorable outcome in my case. I could always rely on her to give me an unfiltered opinion no matter what the question or problem was. In a divorce case it is very important to upfront and honest with your lawyer and she made me feel at ease so that I could talk to her on a personal level. She never pushed for anything I didn’t agree with and seemed to be always looking out for my best interest. If anyone I know is ever in an unfortunate situation where they need a divorce lawyer I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa to them.

Lisa is not just a lawyer, she is my trusted advisor and hero


Anonymous review posted on
April 11, 2014

I have and still work with Lisa in what used to be a hopeless ongoing child custody battle . Through Lisa’s exponential knowledge of the law, she has helped the truth prevail several times. Lisa has been helping me in this ongoing battle since 2010. From experience, most people give up in trying to help. Not Lisa, she is steadfast, involved, loyal and strong. She is anything but the typical lawyer stereotype that doesn’t really care and/or only wants to…

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