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How can I help my parents manage their affairs?


Nashville Lawyer Helping Families With Guardianship and Conservatorship Proceedings
When family members are unable to care for themselves, the law provides a solution. Whether your parent is unable to manage financial decisions or your grandchildren need a caregiver with legal rights, we can help.

At the Ewing Law Office LLC, we work closely with clients to establish conservatorships and guardianships. We work closely with families to help ensure the right person is named to make decisions on behalf of children or dependant adults.

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An Experienced Divorce Lawyer With a Business Background

At the Ewing Law Office LLC, we have the experience and financial skills to protect your rights during marital property division, whether through negotiation, mediation or trial. We can assist you with the division of marital assets and debt, including:

  • Professional practices and family-owned businesses
  • Retirement savings, 401(k) plans, IRAs, and pension plans
  • Bonuses and performance-based compensation
  • Stocks, stock options and investment accounts
  • Real estate ventures
  • Inherited property
  • Valuable collectibles
  • Intellectual property assets

The first step in developing a plan for the equitable distribution of your property is to ensure that everything that belongs in the marital estate is included. In the rare cases where one spouse may have hidden assets or income, we can work with forensic accountants and other investigators to discover it. We will also determine whether any of your assets should be considered yours and yours alone.

The most important issue in most cases is obtaining a fair and accurate valuation of each asset. Current and future value, appreciation and depreciation, buyout agreements, business succession plans, and other issues will need to be considered. Once your property is properly categorized and valued, the appropriate and equitable division of your community property depends largely on the effect of any prenuptial agreements and the application of California law.

Division of Marital Debts

Just as the division of marital property is to be equitable, so is the division of debts. However, the rules can be complex and riddled with exceptions. For example, student loans are typically considered separate debts, since the spouse attending college is thought to benefit from the loans. As an experienced divorce lawyer, however, Ms. Ewing has seen many exceptions made based on exactly how the student loans were used. She will be happy to discuss your situation with you and help you evaluate your options.

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