Contempt and Collecting Child Support and Alimony

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Help! My ex won’t let me see my child. What can I do?

Contempt and Collecting Child Support and Alimony

You’ve been to court, paid a lawyer, got a ruling in your favor, and to spite it all your ex ignores what has been declared fair. You’re owed support for taking care of children while your ex acts like a child themselves, playing the fool with money. Or maybe you’ve supported your spouse, sacrificed to enable their success, and they’ve cast you off, unappreciated.

You need a divorce attorney that calmly plans. Ruthlessly executes to make things right. Finally bring justice to those who shirk responsibility and ignore family.

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney

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Do I need a lawyer if my spouse has a lawyer?  

What about using forms online? Does that work?

Enforcing the Divorce Agreement

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What if I am not being paid my court-ordered alimony?

What is my ex won’t refinance the house? How do I get my share of the retirement ordered in my divorce? How do I collect my attorney fees awarded by the court?

Enforcing Parenting Orders & Visitation when living in different States
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What if the other parent is refusing to send my child for visitation?

Enforcing Parenting Orders & Visitation Orders
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What if the other parent is not following the parenting or visitation order?

Collecting Child Support and Alimony

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How do I make the other parent pay child support?

What if my ex is not paying my alimony? How can I increase my alimony or child support?

Protect yourself and family from irresponsibility.

Attorney Lisa Ewing appreciates what you have been through. She acknowledges, but doesn’t accept that there are those who will ignore their duty. And as circumstances change and you may rightfully need more support.

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