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How do I start planning for my children’s lives after the divorce?


Helping Parents Look Ahead to the Future
Parenting plans are meant to lay out each parent’s child-rearing duties post-divorce. Many parents do not realize that they need to address issues that will occur as the children grow up. A parenting plan that is limited to responsibilities while the children are school-aged will not be sufficient.

To save money and hassle in the future, you must think ahead when writing a parenting plan. Attorney Lisa Millican Ewing has experience with creating parenting plans to address a child’s changing needs and the parents’ lives in the future. To schedule a no obligation initial consultation with an attorney for creating a parenting plan in Nashville, please call Ewing Law Office LLC at (615) 244-1582.

The Role of the Parenting Plan

Under Tennessee law, child custody and visitation is referred to as shared parenting. The parenting plan details how the parents will share time with the children. Custody and visitation typically work better when parents create a parenting plan that is customized to their family’s needs. Their lawyers, mediators or parenting experts may help them write the parenting plan.

The parenting plan will also specify each party’s decision-making responsibilities for the children. Issues covered in the parenting plan may include:

  • Medical care
  • Education
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Religion
  • Vacations and holidays

When parents think ahead, they can also include terms to address anticipated relocations more than 100 miles away as well as issues facing teens such as driving, dating and higher education.

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