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Will the court make the other parent pay private school tuition?


Helping You Look Ahead
Making the decision to divorce is overwhelming. The emotional and financial questions are nearly impossible to answer, especially as you think about how they will affect you long term. With the help of an experienced divorce lawyer, however, you can see the future more clearly.

At Ewing Law Office LLC, we help people think about their future post-divorce. As a former accountant and someone who has personally experienced divorce, attorney Lisa Millican Ewing understands the importance of pre-divorce financial planning. She will work closely with you to help you understand what you will need if you decide to divorce. Please call our office at (615) 244-1582 or contact us online to schedule a no obligation initial consultation with a divorce financial planning attorney in Nashville.

What Will You Need in the Future?

Most people cannot accurately assess their post-divorce financial needs without help. Discussing them with a Tennessee divorce attorney is an effective way to begin to plan for issues such as:

  • Marital property division
  • Whether you are a candidate to pay or receive spousal support
  • Health insurance
  • Housing needs and additional monthly expenses
  • What to consider if selling your house
  • Tax issues
  • Renewing professional licenses

If you are considering divorce, pre-planning will put you in a favorable position when you decide to file the divorce complaint. We are happy to discuss divorce financial planning with you during your consultation.

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