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How is custody decided?


Nashville Attorney Helping You Create a Parenting Plan
For parents with minor children, the first and primary concern upon divorce is the well-being of the children and the ability to still have quality time with them. If you are separating from your spouse or partner, a smooth and rapid divorce or legal separation process can allay the anxiety and possibility that children will be damaged by a lengthy period of confusion and hostility. An experienced family law attorney can work to ensure that your custody and visitation goals will further the best interests of your children.

Lisa Millican Ewing of the Ewing Law Office LLC has advocated for Nashville area residents and their children during divorce and separation proceedings. Ms. Ewing served as a court-appointed special advocate (CASA) for over four years, promoting the rights and best interests of children in court. As a mother and divorcee herself, she knows firsthand how important protecting the relationship with your children really is.

We understand your concerns regarding child custody, child support and visitation rights and we know how to help. Contact our Nashville attorney today for your no obligation initial consultation regarding your parenting plan options.

Your Child’s Interests Come First

All aspects of divorce, from parenting arrangements to selling the family home, if necessary, can affect the children. Family courts’ number-one goal is to serve children’s best interests. To pursue your rights and interests, you must demonstrate that they are aligned with your child’s. We can assess your situation and assemble your case to show that your stated custody, support and visitation goals will serve your child’s needs better than other options. We can also work to demonstrate that your plan to move to another state is done with appropriate considerations to the needs of your child and your family, and to modify support payments based upon a material change in your financial situation.

The Effects of Domestic Violence on Your Children

Children are strongly and negatively affected by domestic violence, even when the violence is limited to parents and other adults. Ewing Law Office LLC provides experienced representation for parents and/or spouses accused of or victims of domestic violence. Once police are called to the scene of a domestic dispute, they are required to arrest the “first aggressor” in any domestic violence situation. The police have the discretion to make an on-the-spot determination of who the first aggressor was. Unfortunately, the correct determination is not always made.

When a temporary order of protection is granted, the spouse against whom it is granted is allowed to tell their side of the story to the court within 15 days. It is important that you be represented at that hearing, whether you are the person asking for the order of protection or if you have been accused of domestic violence. Attorney Ewing has represented both men and women in a broad range of domestic violence circumstances, including male victims of violence. She will work to protect the interests of you and your children in these situations.

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If you have questions regarding issues that affect your child during divorce or separation, including parenting plans and domestic violence, contact our Nashville law offices to speak with a lawyer skilled in divorce cases. We offer a no obligation initial phone or office consultations. Same-day, evening, and weekend appointments are available at our office, which is conveniently located one block from the Davidson County historic courthouse. Our fees are reasonable and based upon the Tennessee Supreme Court rules. We accept credit cards for our services.