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Helping Tennessee Parents With Court Orders

It is not uncommon for a parent to violate the terms of a parenting plan. This can create a confusing situation for the other parent and the children. If you are concerned about your child’s other parent failing to comply with the parenting plan, you can take action.

The Ewing Law Office LLC provides representation in contempt cases. We can help you file a petition for contempt against the noncompliant party and represent you throughout the process. We also represent parents who are charged with contempt. To schedule a no obligation initial consultation with a Nashville attorney for enforcing parenting orders, please call (615) 800-3720.

Filing and Contesting Contempt Charges

Failure to comply with a court order, such as a parenting order, is grounds for the order to be changed. Noncompliant parents can be sentenced to 10 days in jail for each violation of the order, or they can be put in jail until they comply with the order. The court will typically award attorneys’ fees to the noncompliant parent.

Some common violations of parenting plans include:

  • Not following the custody and visitation terms
  • Failure to pay child support
  • Failure to maintain health insurance for the child

If you are served with a petition for contempt, it is important to know that you have rights. You can hire an attorney to represent you. These are complex issues that are best resolved by a lawyer who understands civil versus criminal contempt issues. Attorney Lisa Millican Ewing will review your case and discuss these issues with you.

The court must find willful/intentional failure to comply with the order. If you are unable to comply for a valid reason, you have a defense against the charge. An experienced attorney will use that to dismiss the petition.

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