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What if I am not receiving court- ordered spousal support payments?


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One party’s failure to comply with a court order and/or marital dissolution agreement that orders payment of spousal support, payment of back taxes, responsibility for debts, the parenting plan or child support is more than just a problem for the other party, it is also against the law. We can help you enforce divorce orders by charging the other party with contempt.

If you need help enforcing a Tennessee or out-of-state divorce decree, child support order, parenting plan, or custody order, Ewing Law Office LLC can assist you. We handle all post- divorce matters involving enforcement of orders and charges of contempt. We also handle enforcement and modification of out-of-state divorce orders, child support and parenting plan or visitation orders where one of the parents or ex-spouses resides in Tennessee. We will represent either side in contempt cases, whether you are filing the charges or defending against a charge of contempt. Please call our office at (615) 244-1582 or contact us online to schedule a no obligation initial consultation with a Nashville attorney for enforcing the divorce agreement.

Enforcement and Contempt

You may file contempt charges if the other party does not comply with a part of the divorce decree, including:

We understand that people count on their ex-spouse to follow the terms of a divorce order. In some cases, compliance with the court order (or marital dissolution agreement in a divorce that was not contested) is critical to the well-being of one of the parties. If, for example, you do not receive spousal or child support payments, your standard of living may be drastically altered. If your ex-spouse or child’s other parent is not following the court’s orders, we can bring that person to court to force him or her to comply with the court’s orders.

Contempt of court is a criminal charge with penalties that may include fines, wage garnishment and/or jail time, depending on the circumstances of the charge. If you have been unjustly charged with contempt, our lawyer can help you fight it. We will discuss your options and work toward a solution that allows you to comply with the order and stay out of jail.

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