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Do fathers have the same rights as mothers?


Nashville, Tennessee, Lawyer Fighting for Fathers’ Rights
Fathers have historically faced unique challenges when fighting for their family law rights. Laws and courts were unabashedly biased against fathers in disputes involving child and spousal support, and child custody. Today, that bias is largely gone. Courts are leaning away from a single custodial parent and toward the legally mandated preference for joint, fifty-fifty parenting involving both the mother and father.

Despite the strides that fathers have made, challenges still exist in overcoming the traditional parental roles. Courts and judges have discretion in deciding family law issues and are often still biased in favor of the mother when weighing facts and making decisions. In many instances, the assistance of an attorney with knowledge of fathers’ rights can tip the scale.

Working Hard to Pursue Fathers’ Rights

The Ewing Law Office LLC has helped fathers pursue a broad range of family law rights:

  • If you seek child custody rights, we can help prepare you for your hearing. Based on our experience, we know that courts like to see hands-on parenting. Do you know the name of your child’s teacher and doctor? Do you know your child’s likes and dislikes, including favorite foods, games and toys? We can help present you in the “best light” regarding what judges look for when considering custody questions.
  • Are you a victim of domestic violence? More and more men are. Female spousal abuse must be addressed both in and out of divorce proceedings, but can be a huge factor in a custody determination.
  • Are you paying child support under Title 4 via wage garnishment or another payment method? Your obligation to pay child support does not automatically terminate when your child turns 18. You must file for termination of payments with the court, and we can help.
  • Are you considering filing a paternity suit? We can handle your case by establishing your rights as the legal father of your child and securing your rights as that child’s parent to be an active part of your child’s life.

We can help you accomplish your goals, including getting physical custody of your child, seeking additional legal custody rights, establishing your paternity and avoiding spousal support payments.

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