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How will I know if my attorney is right for me?


Individualized Tennessee Divorce and Family Law Services
Divorce is full of important decisions, and one of the most important ones you make is to decide who will be your lawyer. Because divorce is such a personal matter, you need to be sure that you work with an attorney who will listen to you and who takes the time to understand your issues and goals. For example, preserving the integrity of family relationships may be more important to you than winning at all costs. If your attorney is focused only on taking every possible cent from your spouse, you will likely be unhappy with the outcome.

Because she has experience in her personal and professional life with divorce, attorney Lisa Millican Ewing understands how important it is to choose the right divorce attorney. These experiences have influenced her practice. She is committed to treating clients as individuals and learning the exact nature of their family law needs. To discuss your divorce with her, please call our Nashville office at (615) 244-1582 or contact us. We offer a no obligation initial consultation.

Making a Smart Choice

We recommend that you meet with attorney Lisa Ewing to make sure you are comfortable with her personality and experience. Questions you may wish to ask her include:

  • Do you have experience in the type of divorce I am interested in?
  • Do you have experience in the county where the divorce is being filed?
  • Do you know the local court rules and how those judges handle cases?
  • Do you have experience with mediation?
  • Are you willing to try the case if necessary?
  • Are you familiar with financial matters and tax issues?
  • Are you familiar with business documents?

Divorce is best resolved with personalized service, not by filling out a standard form. At Ewing Law Office LLC, we treat each client uniquely, customizing our representation to his or her individual needs. We also make a point to respond to clients promptly, keep communication open and make ourselves as accessible as possible.

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To schedule a no obligation initial consultation, please call (615) 244-1582.