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How will the property be divided?


Nashville Attorney Handling Marital Property Division
Tennessee Lawyer Handling Asset Distribution Cases
Property division in a divorce can be extremely complex. Hidden assets must often be uncovered, and questions must be answered regarding whether property is considered marital or nonmarital. Additional questions may arise regarding the contribution that each spouse made to the purchase, appreciation and maintenance of valuable assets such as real estate, retirement accounts, family-owned businesses and motor vehicles. Once ownership of property is established, further questions may arise regarding taxes and the ownership of capital gains and asset appreciation.

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If you face asset and debt division challenges in a pending divorce, contact Ewing Law Office LLC for effective legal representation to protect your rights and your share of the marital property. Lawyer Lisa Millican Ewing brings an impressive financial background to each divorce and property division case, including:

  • A degree in business management with a major in accounting
  • Founder, owner and manager of her own consulting firm, MedAccounts Inc.

Assessing and Dividing Your Assets

We can perform a complete assessment of your finances and those of your spouse in order to accurately determine the martial assets and debts and the separate assets and debts. In addition, we can work to protect your ownership rights in your professional practice or business, real estate, bank and retirement accounts, or a closely held or family-owned business.

We can also work to pursue your property rights against spouses who have exerted inordinate control over family finances. It is not uncommon for a spouse to leave another spouse with insufficient funds to pay the bills and living expenses in the home. We will work to obtain financial documents, uncover hidden assets, pursue a fair financial settlement, and provide immediate financial relief to the wronged spouse while the divorce is pending.

What Should You Do With the Home?

Our experience in complex asset division extends to helping our clients make a decision on what should be done with the shared home. In today’s economy, it is not uncommon for a couple to be upside down in the mortgage. In these situations, it may be best to let the other spouse keep the house if he or she can afford the mortgage payments. If neither of you can afford the payments, then you need to decide whether to sell it and take a loss, rent it until the market turns around, or another solution. As a Nashville lawyer skilled in marital property division, Lisa Millican Ewing can help you work out a solution that best protects your interests.

Don’t Forget Your Pet

Increasingly, we encounter clients concerned about the care and custody of their pet in a divorce. Perhaps surprisingly, an agreement for pet visitation rights is even an option, as is an injunction to prevent threats and harm to a pet by your former spouse. The courts will address concerns and issues involving family pets, and attorney Lisa Millican Ewing will work to ensure the care and well-being of the family’s pets. Pet trusts can also be created to ensure the proper care of your pet upon your death or incapacity.

Contact an Attorney Skilled in Tennessee Asset Distribution

If you have questions regarding property division in a divorce or separation, call the Ewing Law Office LLC to speak with Nashville lawyer Lisa Millican Ewing. We offer initial phone or office consultations. We are available for same-day, evening and weekend appointments. Our fees are reasonable and based upon the Tennessee Supreme Court rules. We accept credit cards for our services. Our office is conveniently located one block from the Davidson County historic courthouse. Contact our law firm online or call us at (615) 244-1582.