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How do I get inherited property in my name?


Nashville, Tennessee, Lawyer Handling Probate of Estates
Probate is the legal process of settling and resolving the estate of a deceased person by resolving all claims against his or her property, paying debts and distributing the remaining property to the deceased’s heirs.

The Ewing Law Office LLC provides efficient and cost-effective legal representation in assessing estate debts and assets, and in distributing property as quickly as possible. If your parent or another loved one has passed away, contact us for a no obligation initial phone consultation regarding your probate options.

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Oftentimes, we can file what is known as a small estate affidavit that offers significant cost- and time-saving advantages. If the estate in question has less than $25,000 in assets and involves no real estate, an executor can easily close out the estate, pay the bills and distribute the funds.

Diligent estate planning can also shorten the probate process. For instance, by moving assets into trusts, even large estates can file small estate affidavits.

Prepared to Handle Simple and Complex Estates

Attorney Lisa Millican Ewing is experienced in both probate law and complex financial problems. Prior to law school, Ms. Ewing obtained an accounting degree and managed insurance, retirement, and benefit plans through her company MedAccounts Inc. Ewing Law Office can handle the probate process for both simple and complex estates including those involving business, gifts, loans, multiple properties, multiple and joint ownership, and other complications.

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