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Can I take the children with me if I move to another state?


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Gone are the days when people work for the same company for their whole life or live in the same city or state where they began their career. Today, people frequently relocate for a variety of reasons, ranging from seeking job opportunities to moving due to military service. While there are clear benefits to relocation, it can cause some problems when a parent wants to relocate with his or her child — especially if the other parent has a close relationship with that child.

At the Ewing Law Office LLC, we represent parents who oppose the other parent’s relocation as well as parent’s whose relocation is being opposed in the court. Additionally, we work with our clients to modify a parenting plan to address the change in location of the primary residential parent or alternative residential parent.

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Working Through Relocation Issues

Nashville attorney Lisa Millican Ewing is skilled in relocation cases. She makes sure every client understands that moving away with a child is a serious consideration. It should not be about what you want, but what is in the best interest of your child.

The parent who has primary custody of the child must give the other parent 60-days notice in writing of the move if he or she is going to relocate more than 100 miles away from where the other parent resides. This notice must include the reason for the move and inform the noncustodial parent that he or she can file a petition to oppose the relocation. The parents then can work together on creating a new parenting plan, or the noncustodial parent can seek to stop the relocation of the child altogether.

In most cases, relocation issues go smoothly. If the parents agree that the move is beneficial, finalizing the relocation is a matter of revising the parenting plan to accommodate the long-distance visitation. Sometimes parents choose to change primary custody so that the child can remain in his or her school.

If you have a valid reason to contest the relocation, Ms. Ewing will aggressively assert your interests through negotiations, or if necessary, in court.

Proactive Planning

A parenting plan is not a one-size fits all document. Lawyer Ewing takes a detailed approach to divorce cases. When setting up an initial child custody and visitation agreement, Ms. Ewing encourages clients to think about the possibility of relocation and include a plan for dealing with the issue right away. This is especially true of clients who know they will be moving, such as if they are in the military. Ms. Ewing can help military clients form a plan that includes provisions for drills and training, as well as unexpected or expected deployment.

Did you know? Tennessee allows a parent in the military to transfer their parenting time to another family member while deployed.

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