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If you and your spouse are getting a divorce, you may have considered a “do-it-yourself divorce” in an attempt to save some money. Unfortunately, the legal forms found online that claim to make the dissolution of marriage easier are actual recipes for divorce disasters. Only a family law attorney can make sure your divorce resolution protects your interests and sets you up for a successful life after the marriage is over.

At Ewing Law Office LLC, we care about our clients and their futures. Some specific reasons to hire a family law lawyer include:

Legal forms only comply with state rules and procedures for a divorce.

In addition to Tennessee rules of procedures, each county has local rules that set forth procedure requirements for obtaining a divorce in that county. Judges, too, may have specific requirements before he or she will even grant a hearing, such as completing parenting classes. Attorney Lisa Millican Ewing can help ensure that all requirements are met according to the local rules and procedures for divorce. Representing yourself in a divorce may result in the process taking much longer than if handled by an experienced attorney.

Legal forms are too general; they do not consider all the factors involved in a divorce.

One of the biggest mistakes people make in a divorce is failing to consider all of the issues involved in separating one life into two. For example, they may decide to sell the house, but who will pay for repairs while the house is on the market? Who will pay for the mortgage if the house sits empty for months? Who will maintain insurance on it? Failure to address these issues opens the doors for legal issues later on. If the answers are not clearly laid out in the divorce agreement, then they are not enforceable.

Lawyer Ewing takes a detailed approach to divorce cases. She guides clients through the issues involved in the divorce upfront in order to help her clients avoid mistakes while the divorce is pending that may hurt their position before the court and result in additional legal expenses.

A lawyer can customize the divorce agreement to fit your needs.

Family law is very dependent on the facts of the situation. Even two separate families with kids the same ages and similar finances will require very different divorce agreements. Attorney Lisa Ewing can help customize a solution that works for you and your family, based on your individual interests and circumstances.

A family law attorney can make sure you understand the consequences of your decisions.

At Ewing Law Office LLC, we have heard from clients who want us to “fix” a do-it-yourself divorce. The person changed their mind about an issue because they didn’t understand the consequences of the decision. Unfortunately, it is too late at that point. Orders entered with the court are permanent and can only be modified following a significant change in circumstances. Some issues, like division of assets, are not modifiable at all.

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