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What is a power or attorney?


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If you own property and valuable other assets, you need at least a basic estate plan — a will and perhaps a simple trust — to protect your assets in the event of your death or incapacity. Without it, all your hard work could be negated by estate taxes, probate costs, attorney’s fees, and even inheritance disputes.

Just as important, we update wills and trusts after spouses have passed away or other changes have happened in the family. In our probate practice, we often discover wills that were written years ago and fail to reflect enormous changes. We see wills that leave assets to deceased spouses or fail to reflect the birth of new children or grandchildren. It is important that a will be updated whenever there is a death of a spouse or a child, birth of a child, divorce, or remarriage.

The Ewing Law Office LLC can help you secure your assets with a will and simple trusts and assist you with durable powers of attorney for your finances and medical decisions. If you are interested in writing your will, creating a trust, or updating your estate plan after a divorce, adoption, new marriage, or another change in your family, we can help.

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Prepared to Secure Your Assets and Protect Your Medical Choices

Estate planning attorney Lisa Millican Ewing has a background in both the law and finance. She has an undergraduate degree in business management with a major in accounting. Before becoming a lawyer, she ran her own professional consulting firm. She has the experience and financial skills to help you protect your assets.

We are always happy to help clients create and update their wills and create simple trusts.,

We can help you with a durable power of attorney so someone has the power to handle your banking issues should you become ill or incapacitated. A health care power of attorney (often referred to as a medical power of attorney, a healthcare proxy, or a living will) allows a trusted person to handle any medical treatment issues on your behalf. When properly set up, these can prevent the future need for a conservatorship.

Attorney Ewing will perform a detailed review of your estate plan and ensure your assets are disposed of appropriately in an updated will or trust.

A Simple Trust Can Protect Your Minor Child

After a divorce involving minor children, many clients wonder what would happen if they died and left their property to those children. Who would manage that property and make sure it was used for the children’s benefit?

If you die, your children’s other parent — your ex-spouse — is the most likely person to manage the property your children inherit from you. Since many clients are uncomfortable with that arrangement, we can help you set up a trust for that property so that a third party would be in charge of the assets.

The trust can be set up to be funded by life insurance proceeds or other assets and tailored to your family’s specific needs. Attorney Ewing would be happy to discuss your options with you.

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